"The Interpretive Centre and The Recognition & Gratitude Pavilion were both envisioned as an integral part of the proposed Never Forgotten National Memorial. A truly inspiring place where the music and dance, the arts and fashion, be it an expression of the very heart, soul and spirit of  the War Years, would be highlighted and shared with Canadians now, and for many, many more generations to come. While at the very same time, respectfully honouring all of "Our Fallen -- Wherever They May Lie", who paid the ultimate sacrifice, so that we may continue to enjoy all that we truly cherish and value today."                                                                                                                           ~Tony Trigiani, President and CEO, NFNM Foundation

We, as Canadians, must care enough to remember. The purpose of the The Never Forgotten National Memorial is to properly honour and respect the sheer magnitude of the ultimate sacrifice made by Our Fallen--Our War Dead.

"A great deal of careful attention, planning and research has gone into its creation and we sincerely hope that you will passionately agree, as we do, that there is indeed an absolutely vital need for this national memorial to be proudly built on Canadian soil. If so, then we would greatly appreciate you taking the time to contact your local MP to clearly express your strong personal support and enthusiasm for the successful realization of the Never Forgotten National Memorial, and with that, in the patriotic creation of Mother Canada at the Green Cove site, in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia." ~ NFNM Foundation

Please click the link below to follow the 4 stage Journey with what The Never Forgotten National Memorial Foundation envisioned as an integral part of Commemorating The Lives Of Our Fallen.