The citizens North of Smokey, led by Lisa MacLeod, formed the support  group and the Facebook page called "The People North of Smokey Who AGREE To Having Our Monument at Green Cove". Ray Stapleton was appointed as Spokesperson of the group and Rosemary LaRusic was appointed Communications Director. As a part of their commitment to the Never Forgotten National Memorial and their desire to honour our fallen, they embarked on a number of activities.

  1. Oct 7, 2014: First Town Hall Meeting: Representatives of the NFNM and Parks Canada were in attendance to present the proposal for the NFNM to the citizens of the area. The vast majority of those in attendance were in favour and made recommendations.  
  2. Second Town Hall Meeting: The Stantec Report was presented. Ed Kennedy explained the proposal in more detail including  recommended changes from the local people.
  3. June 14, 2015: An Open Rally was held at Green Cove in support of the NFNM.
  4. Second Rally at Green Cove: A series of 10 Petitions were given to the Hon Mark Eyking for presentation to Parliament. Petitions were form North of Smokey, Hants County, Glace Bay, New Waterford, Dominion, Cape Breton Island, Sydney, (all in Nova Scotia) and Grande Prairie-Alberta, Southern Ontario, and Trans Canada.  
  5. Open Letters  were sent to various Federal Environment Ministers in support of the NFNM. 
  6. A vigorous Letter To The Editor campaign was initiated to media across Canada
  7. Hundreds of Post Cards were sent to Environment Minister, Catherine McKenna, by descendants of our fallen in support of the NFNM. The Minister did not respond to any of them.
  8. Letters were sent to every Minister of Parliament informing them of the merits of the NFNM at Green Cove.
  9. Displays were presented at local malls, public institutions, and to various interested community groups.
  10. This Website called Friends Of Our Fallen was created.