Falsehoods on the Friends of Green Cove (FOGC) site.

The Friends of Green Cove group was formed by 2 non-Canadian professors . Very few of their 70+ members actually belong to the local communities surrounding or within the CBH National Park. The following falsehoods have been published on their website.

  • Sandy Greenberg, "Nova Scotia Women For Peace", relates "the fact that corporate sponsor's names will be displayed on the base of the statue"
  • Kelly Schnare, "Sierra Club of Canada"  refers to Green Cove as "pristine coastal parkland" with a "wilderness heritage."
  • Elizabeth May, Green Party Leader  refers to a "300 car parking lot" and "giving away Parks land."
  • CBU Professor, Lee Anne Broadhead refers to Green Cove as "pristine" and "wilderness."
  • Aaron Schneider says "the Memorial will endanger our humanity", "glorify war" and continues to call Green Cove "wilderness" and claims public lands are being ``disposed of."
  • The letter from the 28 Former Managers falsely claim that Green Cove is "Designated Wilderness" and against Park policy. Co-signer, George Mercer, admits they were wrong.
  • Acadia professor, Sandra Barr, claims that it is "a unique package of rocks that occurs only in that area." She also makes reference to a restaurant and a 300 car parking lot. 
  • Cliff Stanley, President, Atlantic Geoscience Society says that, "A Veteran's Memorial  monument at Green Cove would undermine the Park's present pristine condition and make it inaccessible."
  • Raymond Plourde and Susan Fuller of the Halifax Ecology Action Centre refer to a "large private development" in a "publicly protected wilderness area."
  • Ken Donovan, historian, says "My dad, a D-Day veteran, is  against the Memorial." His father signed the petition to build the Memorial at Green Cove.
  • Sean Howard & Lee Anne Broadhead say they are not against the Memorial to veterans on the website but publicly on June 1 & 2, 2015 say they are against it anywhere because it glorifies war.
  • Tuma Young padded his ethno-botanical report with 64 pages of Ken Donovan's historical research mostly on areas outside Green Cove. Note: Sean Howard had great praise for the report (which he commissioned) suggesting on July 9, 2015 that it be sent to Mi'Kmaq Geomatics for their MEKS Report but in the Nov. 13, 2015 issue of MacLean`s Magazine, Charlie Gillis reported that Howard did not have much faith in Native consultations.
  • Liberal candidate, John MacKay`s letter of June 16, 2015 conveniently leaves out this part of his statement that Liberals ``will work with nearby communities to help grow local eco-tourism and create jobs`` and ``help us learn more about our environment and heritage.``

Excerpt from CBH National Park Management Plan

Zone IV: Outdoor Recreation Zone IV designation is given to small areas that are capable of accommodating a broad range of opportunities for education and outdoor recreation, including the major facilities and infrastructure required for visitor experience. Direct access by motorized vehicles is permitted. Approximately 2.4% of Cape Breton Highlands National Park falls under this.