Stantec Report-Detailed Impact Analysis  (DIA): 

Parks Canada has designated the Green Cove site as a Zone IV Designation which makes it suitable for a project such as The Never Forgotten National Memorial (NFNM). They initially requested a basic Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and then requested the comprehensive Detailed Impact Analysis which cost in excess of $150000.00 which was borne by the NFNM Foundation.

The Minister's press release of Feb 5, 2016 did not take into account the new report under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) requested by Parks Canada which was presented on Feb. 4, 2016. Parks could not possibly have read this new report before the press release. 

The DIA was not an environmental problem. The specious arguments were that; not enough money was raised and the project could not be completed by the July 1, 2017 date. The Foundation could not raise the money from corporate sponsors without having the lease from the Park. We must remember that the Foundation and the Government of Canada were working together to accomplish the construction of the Never Forgotten National Memorial since 2011.

So what's the problem?  There was a change in government. It appears that the current Minister of Environment has been unduly influenced by Mr. Nikita Lopoukhine who was the Director General of Parks Canada from 2000-to-2012. Under his leadership, Cape Breton Highlands National Park's visitor numbers declined from an average of 390 000 to an average of 180 000 per year. His back-to-nature approach led to the deterioration of the Park's facilities. In addition, under his splendid stewardship, the Southern Woods Caribou herd, in Jasper National Park, declined to the point of extinction from 60 animals to 5. THIS is the person who Ms. McKenna has placed too much faith in! Read More: Lapoukhine's Insidious Duplicity

As mandated by PM Justin Trudeau,“Canadians need to have faith in their government’s honesty and willingness to listen. We have also committed to set a higher bar for openness and transparency in government. It is important that we acknowledge mistakes when we make them. You must uphold a highest standard of honesty and impartiality. We have committed to an open, honest government that is accountable to Canadians and lives up to the highest ethical standards.”

“As minister, you will include: close collaboration with your colleagues and not for profit and charitable sectors; and identify ways to find solutions and avoid escalating conflicts unnecessarily. You will develop Parks Canada programs and services so that more Canadians can experience our National Parks and learn more about our environment and heritage and where possible, work with nearby communities to help grow local eco-tourism industries and create jobs.”

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Stantec Report-DIA (Detailed Impact Analysis)

Summation of the Mi'kmaq Ecological Knowledge Study Report: 

Early maps (A.H.Church) show the Project Site of Green Cove as a fishing station in 1886 with no indications of Mi'kmaq encampments within the Project Site or Study Area. A review of the status of Specific Claims (native claims) shows no current or outstanding Specific Claims affecting the Project Site or Study Area.

Salmon may be considered an endangered species but there are no other rare or endangered species. There is no salmon stream entering into Green Cove. The main concern is that the Mi'kmaq have access to the coastline.

The Study Area was 1880 hectares while the site for the Memorial is only 1 hectare. There was a great deal of geology and the history of the Mi'kmaq in Newfoundland was a dubious entry. Green Cove as a specific site was infrequently mentioned.

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MEKS Report (Mi'kmaq Ecological Knowledge Study)