The residents of our small area, known as 'North of Smokey', have always had a special place in their hearts for the Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces from home who served in WW I and WWII but more so for the 47 men who made the ultimate sacrifice in time of War. It is with great pride that we present The Honour Roll.  We will carry the torch. We will remember them. The NFNM at Green Cove will recognize their supreme sacrifice.

It must be noted that 25% of the casualties of WWI, from Victoria County, were from the North of Smokey area. Of the WWII casualties, from Victoria County, 40% were from North of Smokey. 

"The Canadian Virtual War Memorial (CVWM) is a registry of the more than 118,000 Canadians and Newfoundlanders who have given their lives serving Canada or the United Kingdom. It was established to allow all Canadians the opportunity to honour and remember their sacrifices." The following link gives you access to information on each of Our Fallen from North of Smokey. 

The Canadian Virtual War Memorial

North of Smokey Honour Roll

World War I                               

John Bird

Henry Brewer  

Thompson Brewer

William Burton

George Donovan

George Hawkins

John Hatcher 

Alexander James                      

World War II

Joseph Asseff

Gordon Brewer

Michael Brown

Murdock Brown

Joseph Burton

Ernest Cameron

Francis Leo Capstick

Willy Chaisson

Charles MacDonald               

Donald MacDonald

Ronald MacDonald      

Robert L. MacInnis

Duncan MacIntosh

Charles MacLean

Norman MacLennan

John Maloney                         

Joseph K. Doucette

Clarence Hardy

William H. Hardy

Arthur H. Ingraham

Charles J. MacDonald

Thomas J. MacDonald

Angus MacLean

Colin R. MacLennan

John G. Roberts                   

Luke Rogers            

Edward Samms

Seward Jobe               

Henry Stockley                              

Matthew Warren  

William Young


Frederick MacLennan

Hector MacLellan

John A. MacNeil

Bert E. Nicks

Harry C. Roper

Murdock Ross Jr.

Daniel Smith

Nathan Strickland