Timeline for the Never Forgotten National Memorial (NFNM)

2010: Canadian patriot, Tony Trigiani, creates the  NFNM to honour our Fallen veterans.

2011: Canadian Government responds positively to the NFNM instructing Parks Canada to facilitate the proposal with due diligence.

2012: Parks Canada CEO-Allan Latourelle, Field Superintendent-Helen Robichaud, and Cape Breton Highlands Park Superintendent-Chip Bird, enthusiastically support the project appointing Ed Kennedy to oversee and help the NFNM.

A local group, People North of Smokey Who Agree to Having Our Monument at Green Cove, united local communities in our passionate support for this NFNM.

2013:  Stantec supplies a Detailed Impact Analysis (DIA) of the project. Public meetings in the local area, result in some modest changes.

2014: The Indigenous Mi’Kmaq create their Mi’Kmaq Ecological Knowledge Study (MEKS)

Fall, 2014: Preparatory drilling takes place at Green Cove in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

The Stantec report and the MEKS report are presented to Parks Canada; some changes are suggested.

Feb 4, 2016:  The NFNM present their revised report  to Parks Canada.

Feb 5, 2016:  Environment Minister, McKenna, cancels the lease for the Green Cove site reneging on the opportunity to honour our veterans in a National Park.

The Green Cove site comprises 1 hectare of the 949, 000 hectare CB Highlands in an area which already has a trail, boardwalk and a paved parking lot in an area of the Park designated since its inception (1936) for recreation and education.

We ask the supporters of the Never Forgotten National Memorial to email the persons listed below, as well as your local MP, requesting that The Hon. Catherine McKenna reverse the decision regarding the establishment of the NFNM at Green Cove. This will enable the NFNM Foundation "to build Canada's very first memorial in a national park so that we may all Honour Canadian War Dead-Wherever They May Lie. The NFNM will allow Canadians to honour and respect Our Fallen in a manner never previously experienced or possibly even imagined; its purpose being to honour the service and memory of Our Fallen."

The Right Hon. Justin Trudeau: Prime Minister of Canada:   justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca       

Member of Parliament for Sydney-Victoria (Cape Breton, NS):   mark.eyking@parl.gc.ca               

Minister of Environment and Climate Change:   Catherine.McKenna@parl.gc.ca

Parks Canada Management: Daniel Watson, CEO at Parks Canada:   daniel.watson@pc.gc.ca

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