The Never Forgotten National Memorial Foundation

The purpose of the NFNM Foundation is "to build Canada's very first memorial in a national park so that we may all Honour Canadian War Dead-Wherever They May Lie. The time is now to give back to Our Fallen for all of the sacrifices they made that continue to keep Canada a very prosperous, secure and peaceful nation." 

"The Never Forgotten National Memorial will be a place for remembrance and gratitude. It will bring forth an exciting new era of commemoration, one allowing Canadians to honour and respect Our Fallen in a manner never previously experienced or possibly even imagined. This memorial will ignite a new level of inspiration and passion within all Canadians and non-Canadians alike, through its spectacular maritime setting and the creation of the brand new iconic statue of Mother Canada, one that has been lovingly and respectfully modeled after the statue of Canada Bereft in Vimy, France. Explore the history of our Canadian Armed Forces and of the Canadian Merchant Navy; the significance of the memorial site and its importance for families of Our Fallen; the impact it will have on Canadians today and for future generations to come; and how you can make a big difference and help contribute to the realization of this truly inspiring national endeavour." ~NFNM Foundation

The following is an opinion letter by Major General (Ret’d) Lewis MacKenzie (a retired Canadian general, author and media commentator) to the Ottawa Life Magazine re the Never Forgotten National Memorial and how Mr. Tony Trigiani was so shabbily treated. 

"Tony Trigiani, the man who spent over $1-million trying to create a monument for Canadian soldiers killed in war and buried overseas deserves more than an early morning phone call from a bureaucrat cancelling the project." Please go to the link below to read about Mr Tony Trigiani's journey of heart and soul to have the NFNM erected at Green Cove, Cape Breton, NS. This letter truly captures the unique story of the Never Forgotten National Memorial and Mr. Trigiani's vision to Honour Our Fallen.


Ottawa Life Magazine:  Feds Kill Idea to Erect Cape Breton's Never Forgotten National Memorial, Sloppily