As you walk through the entrance leading to Green Cove Head and Remembrance Point, you will notice overhead the stylized maple leaf that has long been associated with Canada. The entrance is modelled after the many simple headstones found on graves of Our Fallen throughout the World. As you pass through this portal, you are entering the realm of Our Fallen and walking towards our precious Mother Canada who is solemnly welcoming her children home. In this open air sanctuary, we will be able to reflect on and commemorate the supreme sacrifice they have made to secure a better world.

Since its introduction, the vast majority of the residents, North of Smokey, as well as an overwhelming number of people from across Canada have wholeheartedly supported the establishment of a National Memorial in Canada to Our Fallen. Below are a few of the letters that were published in support of the NFNM. We also included letters from the Front to back home and a letter from home to our soldiers at the Front.

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